The first day of our sale was the biggest day in the history of our store. - Susie Molenaar Butterfield

I wouldn't consider moving a store, closing a store, or retiring from a store in any market without first talking to Wilkerson - Shane Woodruff, Crocker's Jewelers

They're straightforward, honest people. I needed the experience they bring to the table. - Paul Carter Johnson, Paul Carter Jewels

We get to go out with dignity and pride after being in Tucson for over 40 years - Victoria and Rita Marshall

A lot of emotion goes into the decision to close a business - especially one that has been in existence for over 89 years. — Bill Sites, Sites Jewelers, Past President of AGS and Tennessee Jeweler's Associates

I feel there are a lot of good companies, but Wilkerson's stands out in the forefront because of all the personnel they have. — Jerry Gause, Gause & Sons Jewelers

I did a lot of due diligence. Wilkerson kept coming to the top of the list. – Kevin Stevenson, Johnson Jewelers

We ran a very good business, but a sale like this is a different kind of animal. — Charles and Ellen Lacy, Past President of AGS, Lacy & Company

We think like jewelers because many of us have been jewelers — Bobby Wilkerson

With over 50 people in home office and 100 on-site professional jewelry consultants, Wilkerson's is a full service company.

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